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Today, I Share Who Travis Petelle Really Is…

I originally posted this on Facebook a few weeks back.  I thought it was a good fit for the site…

Today, I’m going to do something that I never imagined I would do. It’s a very scary thing for me and it’s going to have a very profound effect on how many of you perceive me.

As I laid in bed last night after an amazing weekend of masterminding and meeting new people, I had one of those epiphany moments. It made it clear that this was the next move I needed to make with my brand and my life.

I’m going to show you a piece of Travis Petelle that only a handful of people know about… but this is the foundation to most my choices and decisions through my life.

My entire life I’ve been conditioned to feel ashamed for the things I’m about to share with you. Today, I’m confident in who I am and what I believe in. I’ve proven to myself that my decisions and the way I go about coming to those decisions works.

I’ve realized recently that for me to truly succeed at the level I desire, I have to become the story. I am the one who must set the example. I must show you exactly who I am and what has gotten me to where I am.

I’m doing this so that there is complete transparency. Many of you come to me asking my secrets… the reasons behind my success… the formula behind it all.

Well, this is the pieces that I have never shared before and a huge part of who I truly am.

I hope that by the end of this my true friends and followers will feel a stronger connection with me and you will still know what type of man I am and what I’m about. Even if you disagree with what I’m about to share, I hope you will be open minded enough to accept me the same as you have thus far.

I also hope this will help those who have a serious issue with me for any of these beliefs will disappear from my life forever. If all of a sudden this post makes you feel I’m any less of a person, I do not need you. My friends list is maxed at 5000 and needs room for those who truly like me.

If you are one of those antagonist who have a strong desire to comment on this post negatively or try to troll me, go ahead and make it easy on every one and just block me right away. I will eventually be doing it to you if you are one of those people.

I am not ashamed any longer and I will not waste my time on those who do not love who and what I am.

The scariest part of this is how those close to me will react though. My fans are great. I love you all. But, new fans can always be found. Family and friends on the other hand are not so easy to come by. I will probably lose respect from some of those today. That’s upsetting, but part of growing to something beyond.

So, here we go. This is who Travis Petelle is and what I believe in…

#1 – I do not believe in God. This was not always the case. I am from the South after all. In my elementary years, I attended a private Catholic school. We had Mass multiple times per week. I dealt with nuns and confessional before I could understand what the hell they were for.

In my middle school and high school years, we moved away from that town into a much more rural location in east Tennessee. From here, I was converted to a Southern Baptist… not so much by choice. But, if I didn’t comply, I would of been known as the trouble making outcast instead of the popular good kid all the teachers knew me as. Instead of being the star athlete, I would of been benched due to the coach’s bias.

You may think I’m over exaggerating this, but I saw it happen multiple times to kids that didn’t deserve it. Because of this realization, I faked my belief during these years so that I could fit in and be liked.

I’m very happy I had these experiences at an early age. It showed me the power of control religion has and what it could do for both good and evil.

It wasn’t until I was around 17-18 that I started to really ask the question, “Is there a god?” That’s when my decision making process truly started to kick in and form my belief today.

“So, you don’t believe in God… what do you believe in, Travis?”

I am a scientific man. I would not call myself a straight out Atheist because I believe all things are possible and know that I will never have a clear explanation for this universe in my lifetime. There being an omniscient being that created us and watches over us is definitely a possible scenario… I just believe it’s one of the least likely scenarios available.

I look for facts and truths… and I try not to have a biased opinion to start with to help guide those facts. I’m not out searching for truths that help explain my current belief… I’m looking for truths to help form my evolving beliefs every day.

In quick summary, I like to look at the universe as a simple formula of positive and negative. Good things attract good things.

Think about the thought of prayer. I believe this works 100%… but I do not consider it to be someone answering your prayer… I look at it as simply giving the universe the direction and the positive so that the universe’s formula complies by returning positive.

I believe we are simply animals on this planet. A piece of the universe that won the lottery as far as intelligence and capability goes. We are nothing but atoms and molecules formed perfectly due to zillions of failed attempts of evolving to something more over billions of years.

Once we die, I believe we are done. There is no afterlife in my opinion and this is our only chance. Seems grim… I know. But, I’m not one to believe in something just so it puts me at ease.

Nearly all organized religions were formed to calm chaos. This is clearly documented throughout history. They are all pretty much the same when you look at the core principles. Be a good person… it’s simple.

Yet, all of them can be used for evil just as easily and are every day. This is just normal human greed.

Look at the chaos that happens when people don’t allow themselves to think beyond only what is accepted by their peers. Just look at your newsfeed wall right now and point out how many times people are saying the word “Muslim”, “God”, “Christian”, etc and then look at the hate behind that towards those who don’t agree. It’s sickening.

Of course, not all organized religion followers are like this. The reality of the case… something I’ve learned by traveling the world and meeting people of all shapes, sizes, and beliefs… is that we are all the exact same on the foundation. We all want the same thing from life. Every single one of us.

Everyone of us also need an explanation for our being and a reason behind why we are here. Without something here, you truly are empty. The belief in god and organized religion is one of those explanations.

So please don’t take this #1 as me bashing your religion or what you believe in. I fully respect your beliefs. I want you to see how I explain to myself my own beliefs though… and I hope you can do the same for yours.

#2 – I smoke a ton of weed. For the past 10 years of my life, I have smoked marijuana religiously. I smoke a joint every 2-3 hours of the day starting from the first few minutes after I wake up until bed that night.

When people find this fact out about me, it’s funny to see the transition in many of their minds. All of a sudden, I’m not considered as reliable of a source and my knowledge must not be as on point as they thought…

Well, guess what?

If you’ve ever spoken to me, met me, dealt with me on any level over the past 10 years, I can guarantee I was stoned when that interaction went down. Those million dollar businesses that I’ve built for myself and my students all happened under the influence.

This one probably isn’t that big of a secret to many of you… hell, just watch any of my videos… you’ll start to notice the stoner effects there lol.

I wanted to share this part of my life with you more to bring awareness to those who are less educated on the substance. I want the laws for this to change so I’m going to start becoming more vocal about it. Currently, I live in a state where it’s illegal and I would get in some trouble if I got busted… but if I lived a few states over, I’d just be crushing it on a Monday like normal.

Now to be honest, I am currently trying to remove this from my life. When I first started using, it was due to the stress of life and it allowed me to change my state of mind from worry to it’s all good.

After 10 years of smoking the amounts I do, I have become reliant on it more so than I want to be. It has been a struggle quitting, but I don’t feel it’s brought me any hard times. I’m more looking to remove the descriptive tag of “stoner” from my friend groups when they think about me.

Plus, I am all about having complete control over all areas of my life right now… and not having that “need” to smoke a joint right when I wake up is the next piece for me. So, I’m trying to change those pleasure and pain signals that marijuana have ingrained in my system.

This doesn’t mean I’ll stop though… it just means I will have control over it to where I can limit my intake to social scenes. Instead of it being a part of my every day life, I’d like it to be like drinking a beer with my friends.

#3 – I HATE GUNS! I hate them. The danger of having one available far outweighs the protection it’s offering.

I do not account for deviations to the equation when making my decisions. A terrorist attack or someone breaking in my house to kill my family or even hold them at gun point is a deviation to the equation… it’s statistically unlikely to happen.

You know what’s not unlikely to happen? Negligiance… human error… clumsiness… poor judgment. These are things people fall victim to every day. Having a gun around just amplifies the outcome of what could happen when those mistakes occur.

Now, I’m not saying guns shouldn’t be allowed for you responsible owners. I just have no desire to have them anywhere near me. I 100% don’t want to give someone else control over something that powerful near me either. I do not trust you over myself.

I don’t hunt… I don’t live in a war torn part of the world… if someone breaks into my house with a gun to steal from me, I don’t want to shoot them to keep my stuff… I’m okay with letting them have it and I’ll get new stuff.

So guys, that is who Travis Petelle really is. Those core beliefs have helped create my formula for life. They are what help direct me in my decisions every day and will continue to do so.

If you feel for any reason that I am not the same standard of man that you thought of me before reading this, please go ahead and block me. Like I said, I want to surround myself with people who like who and what I am.

I will not be getting into any comment wars and am not interested in your arguments either. That’s not what this post is for. I thoroughly enjoy intelligent debates about these subjects… but those don’t occur through Facebook.

If on the other hand, you are still a fan and friend, I’d love to see that in some way. I’m literally shaking as I post this because of the fear the repercussions may be. Will I lose it all and have to start over tomorrow?

If that’s the case, so be it.

I’d love to see a LIKE or comment just so I know who those people I can count on really are.

Thank you so much for being a reader, a fan, and a friend. I look forward to what I’ll be able to bring you in the future.