Have you started living yet? Here’s how to make any desire happen…

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Have you started living yet? Here’s how to make any desire happen…

Have you ever been so excited about a business decision that you can’t stop shaking? I’ve had goose bumps going for the past few days just thinking about what’s to come.

It’s funny how little of a move can have such an impact on your excitement levels and ambition… want to know what I’m doing differently?

I’ve decided to drop the “Media” from my business name. That’s it.

Why is this making such an impact on my day? Because the whole philosophy of what I’m creating has adapted. Instead of building a company, I’m building a lifestyle… a movement… a way to win… something not only my customers will cling to, but my employees as well…

Let me give you a quick background story on my business so you understand more what I’m talking about.

Late last year, I sat down and really looked deep into my life. I want to make an impact on the world… much like every one else… but fucking ‘a’, I’m going to do it…

So I made a simple formula for what I would consider true happiness… The rules of my life to follow so that I will always eventually succeed.

I found that there are 4 areas of life that you need to constantly be improving to become that perfect 10…

Mind, Body, Bank, and Babes (excuse the crudeness… but this was just my personal philosophy when I made the formula as a single guy who likes the ladies.. didn’t really know this was what my business was going to become).

Let’s go into each one…

Mind – Without this, you have nothing. You have to be mentally strong. You have to be self confident… You have to know you’re going to win, or NOTHING else will work.

When things aren’t going well, you must have the mental aptitude to make it through. Life throws you some shitty bumps in the road… I don’t care where you are now, but things will not always be good.

The way you react to those situations is everything… Your mental strength is the most important piece to your success because it is the foundation for every choice you make in the future.

Mind also has a lot to do with your spirituality. For some, this may be a belief in God, Allah, the alien overlord dude Scientologist go for, karma… or whatever. You have to know your values to be able to make real progress and spirituality really helps you clarify these type of things.

Body – This comes down to your health. I’m someone who wants to be looking like an Abercrombie model plus be able to crush any foe that steps in my path.  So, that’s what I work towards with my body. This isn’t the same for every one though.  Just making yourself a healthier you and constantly keeping yourself at peak physical condition changes everything.

Your mind works better, you feel better when you wake up, you get more years on this world to make your impact and actually reach your goals…

Without a consistent improvement on your body, you are hurting your progress. It’s just a clear fact of life. You need to be working on your body every day and make decisions to help live a healthier life.

A healthier version of you will also help you in the other areas of the formula. You will be mentally stronger as a healthier you… Business opportunities will come more often when you look better (yes, it’s true)… You will attract better mates with a healthier version of yourself…

You need to constantly be improving your health. This is your life damnit! Why waste it by not taking care of yourself?

Bank – Well, this is kind of the big one every one sees out there. You need money to do the things you want. It’s a necessary evil to pretty much everything. If you want to eat healthy, it cost money… if you want to travel the world, you need money… if you want to support your family but still spend time with them, you need money.

Now, don’t think I’m saying money will buy you happiness, but money will make being happy a bit easier.

If you have no money and stress over bills, it’s hard to focus on any other part of your life. So, the other areas of this happiness formula get left behind and you start to believe happiness will come from only improving BANK…but that’s simply not true. It’s just one piece of the puzzle.

Babes/Boys – The 3rd B just fit with the acronym I use lol. What this comes down to is really just your social life… and not just sexual interactions, but networking and being able to influence people with your personality.

When it comes to your social life, it’s a necessary piece to be happy. We all need human interaction and we need the right kind of human interaction. If you don’t have the social confidence, you’ll find yourself settling for less than those that deserve your time.

For me when I started on this formula, it was about picking up the hottest girl in the room. I had horrible approach anxiety at the time… I could talk to anyone in the room but that pretty girl sitting in the corner.  So, that’s what I worked on improving.

You may be married and have kids.  This focus of the formula won’t be about approaching strange women then. This area of happiness comes down to being the best spouse and parent possible. It comes down to being able to communicate with anyone and influence with your true words.

When you become a master at speaking to others, you all of a sudden get to pick and choose. When you get to choose instead of the other way around, that’s another stress that’s gone from your life… AKA easier path to happiness.

Plus for all these other pieces needed, networking and communicating is a big part of that. You need to get your social life together.

So when I decided these 4 things were my formula for happiness… and the formula started working for me, I decided to take my business that same direction… I changed my business name to ‘MB3 Media’. We were launching products in business and fitness markets and planned to expand to the other 2 markets, so it made sense.

I’ve thought about it for a while now and I’m not a media company… Yes, I create media and publish content in these 4 areas… but I’m really helping others create a better lifestyle…

I want the public and even more importantly, I want my people to really adopt this thought. The more your employees believe in what you’re doing, the more they are going to try and make it work.

My goal is to make a world of super humans who are going to be able to control their destiny at every turn… I want a group of people who are constantly trying to become that perfect 10… So, I’m not a so much a media company anymore, but a philosophy that everyone can connect with.

MB3 is that formula everyone can connect with… they might not want the same outcome in each area that I want or what you want, but everyone knows they need to improve those pieces of their life… MB3 is here to make that happen.

MB3 – Are you ready to start living?