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My key to happiness… Create MORE!!!!

What’s up?

I didn’t really plan on posting another post today, but I have had this thought on my mind all frickin day and I felt like it was perfect to share with you.

It’s crazy how when you take massive amounts of action on your plan, all these new ideas start flooding in… you see new ways to improve what you’re doing… and opportunities pop up out of nowhere to help you get to your goal.

It all comes down to taking action!

I don’t care if you don’t know what the hell you’re doing.  You at least know some pieces that could be done… it’s time to DO THEM!!!!

No idea how to make money online, but you want to start a fitness brand?  Go write an article on weight loss…. visit the fitness forums and groups to start to contribute… reach out to local fitness “celebrities” to grow your network.

The point is you’re taking action… as I believe it was Chris Winters who put it… massive amounts of imperfect action.

Guess what’s going to happen when you take those actions?  The rest of the path will just appear.

I’m serious!  You may have zero clue on what to do today, but it will be presented to you if you start to work towards your end goal of the fitness brand.

Often you have no idea it’s coming too.  You wouldn’t believe the clients I’ve closed that just fell in my lap right when I needed it…. That’s all because I was taking action somewhere.

There was a great quote that I came across and posted to my new fan page today that really summed up what I’m thinking…

“The more you create.. the more you deserve to consume.”

This has literally become my pathway to happiness in life.  We all want purpose and meaning to what we are doing.  When you feel like you accomplished something in a day, you’ll happily wake up every day with a smile on your face.. EVERYDAY!

So how do we get this sense of accomplishment on a daily scale?  You always make sure you are creating more than you consume… everyday.

If you’re sitting around the house watching tv all day or even reading a motivational book but you don’t take action from what you learn, you are consuming.

None of that is creation!  You are consuming television… you are consuming time that could of been spent creating.

Creating doesn’t necessarily mean writing content like my past 5 days have been.  That is a creation process for your business… but there are other very important pieces of your life that need to follow this same guideline.

I used to be all about the money.  Nothing mattered to me but making a shit ton of cash.  I literally stopped dating, stopped talking to the majority of my close friends, and stopped living life outside of my business for a solid 2 years.

That’s not even a joke… for nearly 24 months, I had ZERO outside contact with human kind other than a few close knit people.  I was obsessed with it.

I finally got to the point where I was making good money.. the thing I had worked for since day 1… yet, I was still extremely unhappy.

I had what I wanted… wtf!?!?!

It wasn’t until I started to think about this principle beyond my business.  Happiness isn’t about money… it’s really about self value…. and self value goes way beyond the cash.  I had just started the journey thinking my value came from how much money I had… when in fact, money means nothing to me.

Your social life, spiritual life, health, and mentality are all essential pieces to really being happy.  It’s important you work towards CREATION in these areas as well.

Here are ways to create in life…

– Host a party
– Walk up and talk to that perfect 10 you would never dream about landing (fuck it, she’s just human!)
– Write a hand written note to your wife telling her you love her.
– Do something that scares you

All of these are creating and not consuming.  Each open up doors to amazing possibilities in your life and a smile on your face every morning.

I would bet most reading this are consuming far more than they create.  I was doing the same not long ago.  But now, things have really cleared up and exploded in all areas of my life… Business is booming… the women I go out with are leaps and bounds beyond what I’ve ever dreamed about having… my mind is clear and focused every day.  It’s all because I create and I strive to create more.

Don’t worry, you can take that day off, sit on the couch, and smoke weed all day every once in a while… but always be on the positive side of the creation/consumption scale over the long term.

Here’s a good way to figure out where you currently land.  For the next 5 days, write down everything you end up creating and everything you consume.  Break it down for the entire day you are awake.  I like to place the word Body, Mind, Bank, or Social next to each activity so that I know where I might be lacking.

You’ll quickly see if you are consuming more than you create… and you’ll know where to fix it.

Alright, I think that’s good for my random rant of the day 🙂

I would love to have you guys check out my new fan page.  I am expanding my brand beyond just making money online.  My overall name will be heading towards what I like to call Body (health and exercise), Mind (motivation and millionaire mindset), and Bank (making that money).

This fan page is the beginning of that –>