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Becoming Superhuman in 30 Days

My 30 Day ‘Becoming Superhuman’ Challenge

I’m setting a challenge for myself over the next 30 days to drastically improve myself.  I want to step up my game to the next level on all fronts.  Since early this year, I’ve had a very different focus.  I have been narrowing in on my purpose in life and what I really want to accomplish and become.

To put it simply, I want to become superhuman.   Not as in a crime fighter who wears a cape and flies around the city… I’m talking about someone who is constantly getting better and improving all areas of their life.  Becoming a perfect 10 on the human scale is not a fly by the night type of gig… it’s a life long pursuit.  You’ll never reach perfection… but you can always get a little closer.  I plan on getting closer every day.

I follow a very simple formula for happiness and controlling my destiny.  I consider 4 main areas of your life to be detrimental to success… Mind, Body, Bank, and Babes (or Boys for the ladies).  If you are in complete control of these 4 areas of your life, you are able to do anything you wish.  So, naturally we want to constantly be improving these areas in our pursuit to being superhuman.

That’s exactly what this challenge is focused around.  I’m setting up a checklist of habits and tasks I want to complete each day.  I’m scattering in small goals for each focus as well so that I know I’m heading in the right direction… plus it gives me a purpose to follow through.

So, let’s take a look my challenge…


This is all about improving your outlook on the world and yourself.  It’s about believing you can do anything and having the mental aptitude to back it up.  Your subconscious is very powerful and if you’re not in control of this, you’ll be in big trouble.  Without a strong head on your shoulders, you’ll NEVER be able to follow through with the other 3 factors to the formula.

To help improve my mind, I will be doing the following each day…

– Reading (30 min – 1 hour) – I don’t read a lot of fiction.  I enjoy learning new things and most of my books are focused on this.  I just finished Viktor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning” and have been flying through Robert Greene’s “The 48 Laws of Power“.  I typically start my day with a protein shake and a book on my balcony with the sun coming up.  I like to take what I read and apply what I learned throughout the day if possible.

– Meditate (30 min – 1 hour) – Having a clear head and control over your emotions is a very important aspect of success and being superhuman.  No one likes an impetuous leader.  Meditation is an incredible way to clear your head and improve your self control.  You’ll also find that solutions to problems you’ve been struggling with for a while will come as an epiphany while meditating.  Very powerful stuff that I always considered hocus pocus until I started applying it to my life.  Currently, I’m listening to a Confidence Hypnosis audio each day for this challenge.

– Play Guitar (15-60 min) – You have to be well versed in many areas to be considered superhuman in today’s society.  Having hobbies are a very powerful way to expand on these horizons.  Remember, we constantly want to be improving and living out the life we want.  Is there anything you want to learn just for the hell of it?  This would fit well here.  After this 30 day challenge, I will replace guitar with Learn Spanish.   That’s the next goal in my repertoire.

My goal for the 30 day challenge in this area is to finish 3 books… finish the Confidence Hypnosis program (which happens to be 30 days)… and be able to rip through Classical Gas on the guitar.


Staying healthy is obviously important to happiness… you’ll get more years on the planet.  Time is our only asset we can never earn back… it’s the most valuable thing you have.  Taking care of yourself will only help give you more time to do what you want.  Plus, exercising and eating healthy provides so many benefits in other areas of your life.  It improves your mental clarity making the MIND section of this formula easier to control.  It even makes you look more attractive which helps when interacting with others.  Taking care of yourself should be a no brainer for any superhuman.

Here’s my daily routine for body…

Exercise (30-60 min) – I follow a simple 3 day weight program, 3 day cardio program.  I take Sundays off to recover the muscles.  Even though I’m trying to grow in strength and shed some fat, taking time off is very important for your body.  Always take 1 day off a week unless you’re doing a very rigorous plan and experienced at what you’re doing.  I like to get this out of the way early morning.  It makes me feel better for the rest of the day and helps me get a good night of sleep.

Eat Clean – I was a personal trainer for 8 years and have a Nutrition Science degree when I almost become a dietician… so, I have a little bit of experience making diet plans.  I’ve set up a day to day routine to follow for this challenge.  I want to be as strict as possible.  No more soft drinks… no more alcohol… no more eating out!  Everything is portioned correctly down to the gram.  I’m going to be taking in around 2300 calories each day.  My maintenance intake is around 3000 calories… so I’m set up to lose about 1-2 pounds a week with the clean diet and exercise.

Stretch (20-40 min) – I’ve always been extremely tight in my muscles.  I had so many injuries playing athletics in high school because of this.  A lot of time, my tightly wound muscles helped with speed and explosiveness… but it was a time bomb waiting to go off.  In my older age, I would like to avoid injury as much as possible.  It’s time that I started getting more flexible.  That’s why I’ve included a stretching routine each evening before I go to bed.  Some days, I will more than likely supplement this with a Yoga class at my gym.

My big goal for this section is to get my waste down to 36″ by the end of the month.  I’m at 37.75″ right now.  My other goals are to improve my strength on all my lifts and be more flexible.


Money is a necessary evil to all that you desire.  It’s not the key to happiness… but it makes everything else so much easier.  You need money to buy clean foods to eat… get a gym membership… buy the books you want to read every day… buy the toys you like… send your kids to college… go on vacation… etc.

There’s a common problem you see people making.  They trade their time for money.  What did I say above?  Time is your most valuable asset.  It’s worth so much more than whatever your hourly wage may be.

Our goal is to have money work for us.  We want it coming in on a regular basis without you having to be constantly involved to make that happen.  This gives you control over your life.  So, if you’re not in control right now, you should be working towards making that happen.  Make your daily to dos in this category be heading towards that goal.

To determine the 3 daily tasks, I plan each night what needs to be done the next day.  I have always made it a goal to finish the top 3 things on my list each day.  The list might be 20 things… but if I can finish 3 a day, I’m moving fast enough to produce results.  Do more each day and you’re moving faster.  I’m going to continue with this system and use my 3 most important to dos for the day count as the challenge tasks.

My challenge goals are to create 3 new ad campaigns that produce a positive ROI, launch my new digital product, and revenue $50k for the month of August.

Babes (Boys)

This section of the formula boils down to your social life and how you handle human interaction.  I call it Babes because this entire MB3 formula is my personal philosophy to becoming a perfect 10 as a man.  Interacting with women is a big part of that for me as a single guy.  If you’re married, it would be very focused on improving that relationship.

It’s not just about your sex life though… it’s more about how you interact with people on a daily basis.  Superhumans are masters of conversation and human interaction.  They can read a person and react appropriately no matter the situation.  They control a room and are the center of attention… not because they’re acting like a fool or being loud, but because they’ve strategically put themselves there.

To help boost my social life and conversation skills, I will be doing the following each day…

Talk to 5 Strangers (30 min) – The best way to get better at conversation is to practice.  Wow, what a surprise!  Each day, I will approach 5 strangers and begin a conversation.  They only need to be 2-5 minutes long unless you want to continue.  It’s all about getting practice at leading a conversation, being able to read people, and MOST IMPORTANTLY listening.  Get away from small talk and dive into something interesting.  With each conversation, I’m trying to have the person open up and feel comfortable with me.

The end goal is definitely different depending on who I’m talking to.  If it’s an attractive woman that I’m connecting with, I would be wanting to set up a date or at least get a number.  If it’s a potential client, I would try to arrange a meeting.  If it’s a random stranger I don’t want more interaction with, I want them to have enjoyed the time they just gave me.

Social Studying (30-60 min) – I dedicate this hour to learning more about the human psyche, seduction, power, psychology, and all that good stuff.  Depending on my situation, I will be learning different things.  I take these new lessons and apply them when approaching the 5 strangers.  Right now, I’m reading Mark Manson’s ebook, Models – Attract Women Through Honesty.  Next, I plan to read Robert Greene’s, The Art of Seduction.

My challenge goals are to go on 3 dates and to attend 3 social events like local marketing meetups, volunteering at the local shelter, or joining a hiking group for a trail run.  Anywhere you can interact with a group is key.

My daily routine looks something like this…

6 AM – Wake up, Read

7 AM – Exercise

8:30 AM – Work Part 1

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:00 PM – Meditation

2:00 PM – Work Part 2

5:30 PM – Social Studying

6:30 PM – FUN TIME

10:00 PM – Play Guitar

11:00 PM – Stretch

11:30 PM – Bed

So, that’s the challenge I’m putting myself through.  I’m going to be as strict as I possibly can.  I’m in day 2 as of writing this and on good track.  Try it out.  I bet your life will be better afterwards.