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Turning that dreamline into an actionable plan…

Yesterday, I posted about creating a dreamline to your mind wrapped around the exact goals you want to reach and how much it’s going to cost.  Today, I thought we would take the next step in the process and really figure out an actionable plan to reach our dreamline goals.  If you missed yesterday’s post, please check it out now… “Setting your dreamline…

My estimates showed that I needed to make right around $15,400 in the next 41 days to reach my goals.  It’s great to have that number on hand, but it’s even better if you know exactly what you need to do to reach it.

The best place to start when trying to reach your goals is to look at the assets and incomes you already have today.  If you have a day job, that income source is going to work toward your total… You can factor this in so you know what extra needs to be made.  If my day job paid $10,000 per month, I would have to make an extra $5,400 in other means to reach my goal.

Thankfully, I don’t have a day job… but I do have current income sources and assets.  I recently launched a new product brand that focuses on list building.  There are a few products on the market and a few more planned to launch this month.  Obviously, these are my key to reaching my goal.  I want to break down how many sales of each offer I need to make to reach my goal.

If you have your own products or you sell affiliate offers, you can break down your plan the same way…

Products Available:

  • List Building Maniacs Cheat Sheets – $7-$10
  • List Building Maniacs Solo Frenzy – $7-$10
  • List Building Maniacs VIP Group – $27
  • List Building Maniacs Mini-Workshop – $17-$27
  • List Building Maniacs Training Course – $297
  • Consulting – $1997 – $4997

Now, let’s figure out how many of each we need to sell this next 5 weeks to hit our goal.

Product Name Sales Goal Average Cost Total Revenue Commission % Total Profit
Cheat Sheets 100 $8.50 $850 75% $212.50
Solo Frenzy 500 $8.50 $4,250 75% $1062.50
Mini-Workshop (Launch OTO) 200 $22 $4,400 50% $2,200
VIP Group 50 $27 $1,350 0 $1,350
Training Course 25 $297 $7,425 0 $7,425
Consulting 1 $3,497 $3,497 0 $3,497

Once you have it broken down like this, it doesn’t look so bad. I have to sell less than 1,000 products this month to reach my $15,400 goal.  Every move you make can be focused on reaching one of these sales goals.  You won’t be wasting time on work that doesn’t bring you closer to your dreamline… meaning you’ll actually reach your dreams.  I’m serious too!  You can realistically have everything on your dreamline and it becomes more true every time you do this and follow through.

Again, the numbers aren’t what’s going to get you to your goal though… they can only give you a clearer path.  Let’s take a look at the products above and think about the real life applications I will be applying for each…

The LBM Cheat Sheets were launched a little over a month ago.  It was a small internal launch that produced less than stellar results.  This was mostly due to the fact the front end sale page converted horribly at only 5%.  For a launch setting, we should be seeing 15-20% conversions for that sales page.  This initial problem hurt the rest of the launch because affiliates don’t want to promote a product that’s not converting great and it cut down on the amount of people that saw my backend offers.

I feel I could get another great sales burst from the Cheat Sheets with a relaunch and a redo of the sales copy.  The one time offer ended up converting at 30% and the backend webinar converted at over 20% for a $300 offer.  Instead of writing a sales page myself, I hired a professional to do the new sales copy and make it convert better.

I will be relaunching this package in the next couple weeks to help kick start the rest of the LBM product line coming the weeks following.  I expect to be able to add another 100 FE sales from this effort with the Cheat Sheets pretty easily.  We will probably see more around 250 sales from this move, but I like to estimate low.

2 weeks after this relaunch, I will be launching the new LBM Solo Frenzy product.  With the buzz from the cheat sheet relaunch and the new affiliates, I’m expecting to do around 500 sales from this launch on the front end.  Most of this once again goes to affiliates, but these launches are what fuel my backend offers… which is where I make all my money.

The first backend offer buyers see is the OTO of the mini-workshop.  Each of these products will have a similar workshop offer that should convert around the same mark of 30%.  For our estimation, we assume about 30% of the 600 total front end buyer estimation will purchase the OTO… which led us to the 200 sales figure in the table above.

After this initial sales campaign, the buyers are put through a backend sales funnel which promotes each of the larger offers.  For those that didn’t buy the one time offer, we promote access into our private VIP group plus a mini-workshop for $27/month.  Twice per month, I host a buyer webinar where I will promote the high end workshop and really prove my worth to those interested in the consulting.  25 training course sales and 1 consulting sale should be pretty easy from this many new leads into the buyer stream.

So, there you go.  That’s how you create a dreamline… break it down into a reasonable sales goals… then build your actionable plan to follow through with.

I hope this helps you rock on!  Let’s hear what you think below in the comments…