3 Things That Let You Know You’ve Made It As An Entrepreneur

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3 Things That Let You Know You’ve Made It As An Entrepreneur

Every entrepreneur out there has been through the struggle of being considered a nobody.  People think your ideas are bad, they tell you to do something different, and they just don’t understand the mentality needed to make it past that struggle to hit real entrepreneurial success.

Well, after many many years of dealing with that struggle myself and hearing those naysayers, I have made it to a point where I feel comfortable considering myself as a successful entrepreneur.  Not only have I realized this, but those around me realize this as well.

I thought I’d write a quick post that points out the main differences I see in how those interact with me and what really let’s you know that you have made it as an entrepreneur.

1 – Your parents have a solid explanation for what it is you do.

My folks were probably the happiest people on the planet when I started a t-shirt company.  Instead of going through a web of explanations for what it is I do on a daily basis, they were finally able to tell friends and family something simple… “Oh, he has a t-shirt company.”

This isn’t nearly the extent to what I do, but it allowed those around me to see something clearly in their minds.  Success indicator #1 is that simple pitch of what it is you actually produce for this world.

2 – People who used to tell you to get a job now ask you for a job.

This is a favorite of mine.  I have many past friends & family members who would ridicule me for my decision and constantly tell me to “get a real job.”  Well today, I hear from these same people at least once a week asking if I have any open positions or if I can teach them what I do.  No, I don’t and no, I can’t.  You’ve already proven you don’t have what it takes by your lack of support.

3 – An alarm clock is pointless to get you going in a day.

When I chose not work for anyone else again, I also vowed never to use an alarm clock again to get my work day going.  When you’ve become a successful entrepreneur and you’re building something great for the world, you don’t need any outside influence to wake up.  You are up and ready to go, excited for the day to come and what you’re about to produce.  I wake up excited every day and it seems to be getting earlier and earlier.  That just gives me more time to change the world in front of me.

These 3 things are big indicators if you’ve made it as an entrepreneur and are doing something that you love.  If you’re not there yet, that’s okay… it took me years to finally get these things to become my reality.  That will never change from this point forward though.

Do you have anymore indicators that you’re a successful entrepreneur?  Let me hear them in the comments…