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What it takes…

As a long time coach, I’ve been “lucky” enough to see all walks of life going after the same ultimate goal… happiness.  It may be asked for in different ways, but it’s always this end goal we are all after.  My coaching experience has been mostly focused in the making money arena, but as I progress with a successful formula it really proves to work in any area of life.

That’s why I decided to start MB3 and make it the focus it has become… it’s a guide book to becoming better… to turning yourself into a superhuman compared to what you are today.  You’ll see me expanding into these other fields more so in 2015.

This past weekend, I had an every day life experience that perfectly explains WHAT IT TAKES to make it in the world… no matter what it is.  This situation I’m about to explain is exactly what’s going to happen to you every time you want something… so pay attention… because I’m going to tell you exactly how to get it.

I was sitting on the patio of one of my favorite bars on our normal Sunday Funday routine.  As I sat there enjoying my time with my friends, I saw a beautiful blonde walking down the sidewalk across the street.  Instantly, it popped in my head that I wanted to talk to her… I had set a goal.  Even as small as saying hello to someone, it is something I wanted and now the only way to get it was to take action.

As a normal human, I would of probably just sat there and made a comment to my friends how hot she was but did nothing… instead, I’m superhuman today though.  So, I got up and started to approach her.

If you thought taking action was the lesson to this story, you’re wrong.  That’s the easy part…

Here’s the thing… there was construction going on in the road.  My straight line path was completely blocked.  If I wanted to talk with her, I was going to have to find a way around the mess as the crude drawing below shows. (purple star = her, blue star = me, red line = my path)


For anything good you want in life, you will face an obstacle and more than likely lots of them.  The better it is, the more obstacles that will be there to stop you.  I could of let the construction stop me… but that’s not how you reach your goal.

So, at this point, she has walked into the building across the street.  I walk in and see her behind the bar.  I say hello and pretty much just lay it out there… “I know this is strange, but I couldn’t help but notice you from across the street.  I knew I’d hate myself if I didn’t come say hello.”

Looking at this opener in terms of overall success… I really had no idea what I was going to say.  My path to making her mine was completely unclear.  All I knew is I wanted to start in that direction though… so I said hello.

This is the same way business or anything in life.  You typically don’t know what the hell you’re doing at first… but you know where you want to end up.  The more you work towards that end goal and improve along the way, the more clear your path appears.

Now, let’s end this story with another great lesson…

After I opened with the line above, she smiled, told me I’m sweet, then pointed at the guy at the end of the bar letting me know that’s her boyfriend.  Did I achieve the original goal I set for myself?  Yes, I approached the beautiful woman and got to know what’s her situation… But, I didn’t get a date with her or actually land her.

Keep this in mind on your journey for happiness.  You won’t get everything you want… and sometimes after a long journey, shit just doesn’t work out.  Does that mean you’ll get nothing from that journey?  Hell no.

I accomplished multiple things approaching that woman.  I gained a huge amount of confident in myself and cred with my group.  When they saw what I was doing, I had instant respect from them.  Not many men approach women these days, but they all want to.  So I’m now the one they want to lead the way… exactly where I like to be.

Not only that, but I made a new friend.  I ended up chatting with the boyfriend just to let him know there was no disrespect and congratulate him on the job well done with her.  I bought him a drink and now those two are part of my closer network.

So, lessons of the story…

* Take action

* Overcome obstacles because they will show up

* Your original goal may not be your final happiness point