As far as Facebook goes, the sky is the limit when it comes the options you have for selling goods.  The platform is one of the most visited websites in the world and it categorizes it’s users so well, you can put your message in front of the exact audience who needs to see it.  This makes selling ANYTHING very easy.  I show this in great detail in my latest product, FB Pay Me.  Check it out to discover my 7 favorite money makers to apply with Facebook.

In today’s post, I wanted to share one of my favorite money makers to use with this social traffic source.  It not only provides a product that users of Facebook absolutely love, but it costs absolutely nothing but a few minutes to have your first campaign up and running.  The money maker I’m talking about is called Teespring.

Here’s how it works (pulled this straight from the site):


I don’t want to just talk about the basic Teespring platform though… I want to show you exactly how to go about setting up an awesome campaign that you can make bank from.  Myself and plenty of my clients are raking it in with this platform.

If you have a fan page presence already, it would probably be a good idea to create  a t-shirt that fits that niche.  In my product, the Fan Page Profit Punch, I show you a case study on how I did this with the nurse niche.  It was pretty successful and the Teespring campaigns alone bring in roughly $300/week.  Lately, I’ve been doing a lot more with this system though and the results have been growing to amazing levels.

The cool thing about this system is you don’t even need a fan page to make money.  It helps, but it’s not necessary.  As long as you understand how buzz niches work and you can find quality traffic, you can literally create a campaign today and make money from it tomorrow.  I have over 30 Teespring campaigns getting started this week that will be following this model and I want to share the creation and research behind one of them now…

It’s November right now, and as always during this time of year, there is a large viral buzz around supporting men’s health.  Many people like to call it No Shave November.  With this buzz in mind, we can piggy back off of this cause to help sell some easy t-shirts… plus help a cause along the way.  Of course, you don’t need to use charity causes to make this work, but this is a well known buzz topic that’s easy to use to our advantage.  Other examples of buzz topics can include popular sporting events (championship winners, big rivalries, etc), popular television shows (Breaking Bad’s last few episodes brought huge buzz), and celebrity mishaps (Miley Cirus made me around $8,000 in t-shirt sales).

The first step to making a successful campaign is checking out the competition and what t-shirt designs have worked.  A great place to do this is Teeview.  This site shows you all the new Teespring campaigns being created and even lets you display them by most sales.  This will give us a great idea of what’s selling and it will give you some ideas on what direction to take our t-shirt.

With a quick search for the term “no shave”, we can instantly see some t-shirts that are being sold in this niche…


This quickly shows us there is potential here, plus gives you an idea of what designs you can create.

I want to combine this No Shave November viral angle along with another Facebook friendly niche so that we can get the maximum exposure possible.  Facebook friendly niches are those niches that fit into the 3 categories of viral niches I talk about often… Buzz niches, Passion Niches, and Comradery Niches.

For this example, let’s think about the zombie niche.  Zombies are a super popular niche on Facebook.  The current television show, Walking Dead, makes this niche even more Facebook friendly.  We can use this viral atmosphere to create an awesome t-shirt campaign.

So, let’s think about a great design that would fit both the Zombie niche and the No Shave November niche.  For all the successful t-shirt designs, there is a mustache or beard used.  So, we should go about this very same thing and possibly create a zombie with a mustache.

It’s best to make the design as simple as possible.  Let’s start by looking for an appropriate zombie pic.  A quick search through Google brings up a bunch of great zombie’s we can use.  Keeping simplicity in mind, I searched for a silhouette so that our zombie ends up being only 1 color.  Teespring only allows you to have 3 colors max in your design, so don’t try and create amazing and complicated graphics for the shirt.

Next, it’s time to find a mustache or beard that would fit well with our zombie pics.  Once again, a quick search gives us plenty of great options to choose from.  A quick edit using Gimp or Photoshop and you we have a pretty simple graphic that gets our message across…


Now, we can go about creating our Teespring campaign.  Login to Teespring and click the Launch a New Campaign link at the top of the page.  This will bring you to a design screen where you can easily add text, clipart graphics, or your own graphics.  We can upload our zombies and add them to our design…


Next we can add some text to go along with our No Shave November theme.  You can get creative with messages that only your niche would understand… or in this case, we can simply put something like “Zombies for the Cause”.   Choose the style of shirt you want to have printed and click “Next Step”.

Once your campaign is created, you can email Teespring and ask to have multiple style and color options for your design.  This is a great way to get more sales for the design your selling and let them all count towards your total goal.

goalsetOn the next page, you’ll get to set your sales goal and the price tag you want to use.  This is a key factor because if you don’t make your goal number of sales, the shirt won’t be printed… and YOU WON’T GET PAID.  So, if you have no traffic and little advertising investment, stick with a lower number 10-20 works fine.  The higher the goal, the more profit potential you have per t-shirt sale though.   I’m going to set mine at 20 shirt goal with the price tag of $19.50.

With this goal, I have a profit potential of $180 by just selling 20 of these shirts.  Sell anything more than that and the profit continues to rake in.  If you hit a winning campaign and you find a viral ad, you can literally sell hundreds during these campaigns and rake in thousands of dollars pretty quickly.

Click the next button and you’ll then be asked to create the title, description, length of sale, and the url.  Check out some other successful campaigns and simply copy their setup to fit your niche.  A simple description with a few call to actions works wonders here.

Once you click Launch Campaign, your shirt is ready to be sold.  Now, all you have to do is start sending traffic to the campaign.  Like I mentioned, if you have a fan page already around the niche, you can simply post a message to your followers.

With a viral campaign, Facebook ads do extremely well for these offers too.  Set up an ad and let the buyers roll in.  Remember to keep track of your ROI for your investment to make sure you’re making a profit back.

There are lots more great traffic strategies as well which I will be diving into here in the next blog post.  Keep your eyes peeled for that.  If you haven’t purchased one of my products, then make sure to join my email newsletter so you can make sure you don’t miss all the great tips and tricks I’m sharing with you.

Here’s how our initial campaign turned out.  We will be sure to test the design over the next few days so that we kno we have a winner…