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How I Got Duped By A Master Marketer…

Today, I want to talk about how a recent internet marketer has made me feel cheated and a little scammed.  Pay close attention and see if this is how your readers might be feeling.  You may want to make some changes if it is.

First off, let me tell you that what I’m about to talk about actually contradicts stuff I’ve taught in the past.  My philosophy on where you should take your business has changed over the past year tremendously and this is a prime example of that.

Let’s get into what happened…

So, about 3 months ago, I decided that in 2014 I’m going to create a new business.  A business that I feel can help make a real difference in markets I want to be a part of for the long run.

I looked at what my daily life is like and what I’ve thrived for since being very young.  Every day, I have tried to improve myself to be the best at the things I do.  I have always wanted to be “the man”… and for much of my life, I have accomplished this.

So, my new business is focused on helping others do the very same thing.  I’ve broken down this business to be a 4 pronged self-help attack for men… the same things I work on regularly to have this perfect 10 persona…. Mind, Body, Bank, and Social Aptitude.

Now out of these 4 key areas, I have lacked the most knowledge in the Social arena… mostly thinking about picking up girls.  It’s not like I’ve had trouble with women in my life.  I just haven’t actually spent time studying how to go about this in a more scientific and calculated approach like we do with our business.

3 months ago that changed.  I knew I needed more know how on the subject so that I could start teaching it to others who were really having trouble.

I started buying a bunch of the seduction materials on the web… just like you buy my products to learn how to make more money… I bought these books to learn what’s going on in a woman’s head in different situations.

So far, I think I’ve read over 25 books the past 3 months on the female psyche, pick up game, and yes, even literotica (AKA erotic novels)…

Why erotic novels?  Because this is female porn and they get off on it.  Read a few of them and you’ll start to notice a pattern with the hero man in the book. Those recurring qualities are something to mimic if you want more women to desire you… sounds crazy, but it works lol.

Okay, that’s more of a topic for the 2014 brand, but as you can see, I’ve been doing my research.  On top of that, I’ve been taking action with the things I learn.  As with any skill, practice makes you better!

Now, let’s get to the part where I feel cheated…

The very first book I purchased in this niche was called “Double Your Dating” by a man named David DeAngelo.

In this stage of my learning curve, I had no idea what I was getting myself into or what I was about to learn.  This book was popping up everywhere and nearly every site I went to about seduction and social aptitude for men had an article by David that said to grab his book.

All the other marketers in this niche even had good things to say about this guy.  So, I figured this is a good place to start.  It should get me started in the right direction.

After purchase, I read through the 120 page book within a few hours.  To be honest, I was extremely excited about learning to become a pro at picking up women.  Like I said, I wasn’t in an extreme case where I was lonely and had no idea how to get a date, but I knew it would be fun to have 4-5 dates a week with different women.  I’m not really in settle down mode right now anyways.

Now after I read through the book, I was a little disappointed.  It was a little dumb.  Most of the stuff in there was common sense… be confident… make her laugh… etc.  All of these things are obvious to any man who has attempted to pick up a girl.

The book still had some good pieces to it and I wasn’t feeling cheated because of the material.  I just felt I was already past this level of the game.

As you probably know, not all products you buy are going to be big hits for you.  Sometimes, you’ll grab a package that already talks about things you know.  That’s okay.  I’m sure this book is helping others out there who haven’t had as great of luck as me.

I moved onto bigger and better books since then for sure and have learned some amazing things… but just the other day, I discovered a truth about this “Double Your Dating” that made me feel completely cheated and also explained why that book didn’t really do much for me…

I discovered that David DeAngelo is a pen name for a very well known online marketer named Eben Pagan.

Is Eben a master at picking up girls in real life?  Not really… Is he an amazing marketer that jumped into a highly lucrative niche doing everything right to make me believe he was the only person that could help with the problem I had?  Yep!

So when I found this out, I felt very very cheated.  Did he lie to me in the sales copy?  No…  Did he give bad information in his product?  Nope… Did he really scam me?  Not at all.

He followed the rules perfectly for niche marketing… but still, I feel cheated.

Why?  Because, it’s not his passion!  He’s not the best one to be teaching me.  He got me hooked with his fancy words and his splendid marketing campaigns.

At one time, I taught readers they can jump into any lucrative niche they find.  I even taught them to outsource products or research enough about the niche to create your own products.

Hell, I’ve created and sold products in niches where I’m just a pen name like Eben did.

Today, that is a little different.  This scenario is a big reason for that too.

My 2014 brand is in the direction of my passion and focused on things that I am consistently involved in improving myself.  This stands out… this makes my connection with my future readers more solid… this outlasts any effects of a sales page or product…

So, what’s the moral of the story?  Don’t be in this for the money.

You’ll do much better when you’re actually trying to help people fix their problem.  Be involved in your niche and live it.  In the end, your business will make a much bigger impact on the world.

In the next few years, I would like my name to be in the talks of the seduction market and those other 3 areas.  When people ask me about David DeAngelo’s book, I’m going to be telling them my experience.  He’s not real.  But I am!

Think about that and if you’re faking your way through your business.  Make the necessary changes and make a positive impact on the world around you.

Just my thought for the day 🙂

Leave your comments below…