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Facebook Shutting Down Your Ad Account? This Might Help…

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving this past week. I’ve been a little MIA dealing with a bunch of biz stuff.

I had to first off start to put into play everything I learned at the Fearless Social event the other weekend… secondly, and really the big delay was my ad account got disabled… again!!!

Now, for a lot of people, this would probably be the end of Facebook advertising for a while. I know because that’s exactly how I reacted 2 years ago when my ad account was first disabled for no reason at all.

I took a year off and didn’t start running ads again until late 2013. Things were running very smoothly for a few months, but then shit hit the fan…

My ad account has been shut down about 5 times over the past few months… once again for no reason at all.

Did I run bad ads? Nope…

Did I do any fraudulent activity? Nope…

Was there any reason for them to shut me down? Nope…

Here’s the cool part of this… I was back up and running within a few days after each shut down. Sometimes it required me to create a backup… sometimes it just took a little smooth talking… and sometimes I searched for hours on end finding phone numbers and contacts to someone who works in the ad department so I could speak to a person instead of receive the cookie cutter email responses…

After all this trouble, I’ve learned a TON about Facebook compliancy and their team who handles this stuff.

It’s very frustrating as a legit business owner when they are shutting down your main traffic source for no reason.

So from all this painstaking crap I’ve gone through, I have been equipped to help you avoid the trouble I went through. I thought I would give you some tips and pointers on this whole process so you can beat it.

First off, understand a VERY IMPORTANT point that every Facebook employee has made extremely clear to me…

You don’t matter to them. The user matters. They have put in their advertising system to help businesses spread their word… BUT, the number 1 priority is for it to be a good experience for the user.

I thought due to the fact I spend upwards of $20-$30k a month on Facebook ads, I figured I might be on a preferred list or something… NOPE.

I have been informed that you really don’t get put into the “special” group until you are breaking 1 mil a month on ads. Yep… you read that right…. 1 million a month.

This doesn’t mean you can’t get a Facebook rep before that though… it just means, they don’t give a flying fuck about you until then.

This is something you should ALWAYS remember when dealing with any business as a middle man. I taught this same concept years ago when it came to getting SEO rankings… GIVE THE USER THE BEST QUALITY POSSIBLE. It doesn’t matter how many backlinks you send an article if you have such a great piece of work everyone on the planet is sharing it.

This is the same way Facebook wants their ads. They don’t want spam and they really hate direct marketing.

You’ve probably noticed all the messages asking about if you like the posts on your wall and stuff like that… this is Facebook discovering what you want to see. They are adapting their algorithm constantly to fit this data.

We have to adapt our ads to fit their algorithm.

The way it’s going, I feel direct marketing to products will be gone forever from Facebook in the next few years. So, doing an ad that sends people straight to a tshirt will probably not be allowed… instead, they’ll want you send people to a story on your website, then they get sent to the product.

If you pay attention, you’ll notice a lot of major brands are advertising this way right now. You know… the ones who are actually spending 1 mil a month on ads. They probably have a little insider info…

Okay, so I’m getting off track… let’s get back to Facebook account shut downs…

First lesson you should of learned is that you don’t matter… no matter how much money you’re spending. So don’t get cocky when speaking to them…

This was my first mistake 2 years ago. When my account got shut down for no reason, I contacted them and worked everything out… or so I thought. I log in the next day and the ad account was once again disabled. This time I was unhappy and went off on the compliancy team member.

From that point on, Travis Petelle has been blacklisted from any advertising feature on Facebook.

This brings me to the next important point… Every account has a quality score associated with it. There isn’t a way to find out your quality score, but it is seen by the compliancy team and this helps them make their decisions on your issues.

The Travis Petelle account has a quality score of 0 lol.

The more ads that get disapproved, the more impact your quality score takes. If your ad account gets disabled but it gets reenabled, your quality score is impacted. Pretty much everything you do on Facebook could impact your quality score… even the amount of locations you log in from.

Next important point to keep in mind that helps explain a lot of the unnecessary bullshit that happens with this process…

Their compliancy team is super small. The amount of people running ads is about 1000x bigger than the staff they have in place…

This causes a lot of skimming throughout the review process. Often times, the reviewer for the disabled account won’t even read your messages. This once again comes to your quality score… the lower your quality score, the more likely they are to skip your message and just send you the cookie cutter email telling you you’re shit out of luck.

A few tips to help make this not happen are…

1 – Record videos instead of typing the problem out in a message. A 1 minute video explaining the issue will have 100x the impact. I’ve had multiple members on the compliancy team thank me for sending a video and the problem was fixed within 24 hours every time. Typically a 4-5 day response time for written messages and the answer to those messages have usually shown they didn’t even read what I was saying.

2 – Use language they want to hear… I’m lucky enough to have a few phone numbers of people in the ad department now and they leak certain phrases to me after their team meetings. For example, using the term “GOOD ADVERTISING CITIZEN” in your messages puts you on the good side of things.

Because this team is so small, most of their system is set up on autopilot using algorithms. So a lot of the things that cause your ad account to be disabled are never actually looked at by a human… they just get shut down and are put in the review process.

The next big tip I highly suggest you follow through with is setting up your Business Manager to run your ads. This is how they prefer businesses to run their ads. Typically, it’s a good idea to do what they want too.

The business manager allows you to put all your fan pages in one place and give employee login ability without looking suspicious with tons of people logging into your new account from across the world.

You can even set up multiple ad accounts here. You don’t just need one. For my business, I have a separate ad account set up for each client I handle ads for. This way, their payment source is billed on the ad cost, and there isn’t any trouble keeping it separated.

You can head over to business.facebook.com to set up your business manager.

Here are some pointers when it comes to the business manager…

1 – Don’t use paypal as your payment source. Paypal is not Facebook’s favorite. Open a business bank account and get a few debit cards. Boom multiple payment sources at hand. I like to get a credit card with good rewards. I’m spending upwards of $30k a month… that’s some serious flyer miles lol.

2 – Use a business email account. So, don’t use your gmail email address here. Set up an email account that ends with something like @travispetelle.com or @mb3.com. They want real businesses and gmail or free email service providers don’t give that profession edge.

Now to finish things off, I thought I would share the reasons my ad accounts have been disabled so far…

1st time – I ran a Make Money Online ad. This instantly disabled my account due to the algorithm. The ad wasn’t illegal, it was just in need of being reviewed to make sure.

I had clients I had to keep ads going for… so I instantly set up a fake Facebook account and tried to get ads going that very day… This was obviously associated with my original account and because I took that action, the Travis Petelle account took a heavy quality score hit.

This is when I cursed out Carlos on the ad team. Go fuck yourself Carlos. I hope you’re reading this. You’ll never stop me bitch! ­čÖé

I got back up and running with a family member’s Facebook account a few months later and things went smoothly for months.

2nd time – Since I was using my family member’s account, there were multiple logins happening from across the country. This put a little red flag on the account and it was disabled while they confirmed I was who I said I was. A quick phone call to get a pic of their driver’s license and we were back up and running a few days later.

3rd time – I ran another Make Money Online ad. It was the first I’ve run on the ad account after spending roughly $50k on shirt ads the few months before that. This ad instantly got the account disabled and in the review process.

You’d expect them to just disapprove the ad.. but nah, they like to shut your shit down.

I was more patient this time around. I might of gotten lucky with the employee I reached because she helped out and got the account back up… but told me to be very careful with any future ads. Another ad in that direction would wipe out this account for good.

4th time – This was a few weeks after I got the business manager set up and I ran a shirt ad that got disapproved. The ad shouldn’t of been disapproved so I disputed it.

When I clicked to dispute, it took me to a form to fill out like usual and had the Make Money Online ad showing that got my account shut down the time before. Funny enough, this MMO ad wasn’t even run on my biz manager account… so it had nothing to do with it.

Anyways, I filled out the form… told them that the ad showing IS NOT the one I’m disputing and even clicked the checkbox saying I’m referring to another ad.

The response I got from the ad team was hilarious. It was so obvious they didn’t read a word of what I wrote… and because I put in the dispute that showed a picture of the MMO ad (even though that ad wasn’t what I was disputing or even on this ad account), they shut down the biz manager account… LOL

At this point, I had a contact or two I could hit up and ask wtf. I shot a short video explaining what happened and that they shut down the account for no reason. They complied very quickly and had me up and running a day or two later.

5th time – Once again, multiple logins from across the country caused the account to be disabled. I had to send the same driver’s license again and it was opened up a few days later.

I’m pretty sure that sums up the ordeal I’ve gone through with Facebook and their advertising department.

Hopefully, you can get some good info from this and it will help you deal with them in the future.

If you spend any large amount of money on Facebook ads, your account will go through this. It’s just the security ringer they like to put people through… and like I said, it’s mostly due to algorithms to give the USER the best experience.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments below…


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