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3 Offer Relationships That Can Make Conversions Sky Rocket

Today, I wanted to share 3 different offer relationships that can turn a single $10 buyer into a $100-$200 income source…

They do this so well because they are focused around connecting different buyer angles in the same market that fit well together.

There are three ways to make more money with your business…

  1. find more customers
  2. increase the amount per single order
  3. increase the amount of times a customer buys over their lifetime

The 3 buyer angle combinations I’m about to show you will make each of these easier…

Our typical funnel looks something like this…

1.  Squeeze Page – Could be a giveaway, could be a newsletter sign up, could be a free ebook, etc.
2.  One Time Offer – Promote a product that is relevant to our initial squeeze page lead in.
3.  Upsell – If viewer buys initial OTO, we present a second product that compliments the first.
4,  Email List – If they purchase or not, they are on an email list.  This list will continue to push the products it’s focused on.

The way relate these different products will have a big impact on your success.  That’s hopefully what I’ll be able to help you with now…

Angle 1 – Product Relationship

The product relationship relates the offer by simply offering another version of what they’ve purchased.

So for example, if they’ve bought a Pug Mama tshirt, I could offer them a Pug Mama decal sticker as the second product.

This product angle relationship works very well.  Another example you might have seen in our own industry is when you purchase an ebook and they upsell the video version… or the physical product delivery… etc.

The relationship is product based.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be the exact same product either…

I could sell a Coal Miner Wife shirt on the front end and then upsell a I Love My Coal Miner cell phone cover.  This is a product relationship as well.

Angle 2 – Industry Relationship

This relationship is actually extremely powerful when done correctly.  For this set up, we’re starting by targeting an individual niche that is part of a larger industry…

The second product would be a more general industry specific offer… But we rinse and repeat the sales process in all the other niches within that industry and send massive amounts of traffic to the secondary Industry specific offer.

Here’s an example…

I’ve had some good success in the coal miner niche.  “Coal mining” is only 1 small piece of the entire “mining” industry though…

So, the first product offer would be a Coal Mining shirt… then the upsell and secondary product offer would be a general Mining is Awesome shirt.

Now, I can do some research and see that there are about 5-10 other major mining niches out there… Gold, Surface, Diamond, Iron Ore, etc.
I can simply rebrand that original coal mining shirt in these other mining niches.  Those shirts will be the front end product for each of their individual sales funnels… then each of them will upsell into the general Mining is Awesome shirt.

Boom!  Mega sales on the industry offer.

Angle 3 – Relationship Relationship

Nope… that’s not a typo 🙂

This offer relationship has to do with the buyer themselves and who or what they have a relationship with.

If there is a mom in the picture, then there is probably a dad there as well.  If there is a wife, then there is a husband… these are examples of

relationship angles.

So our funnel could start off with an I’m An Awesome Swim Mom shirt… then we upsell the I’m An Awesome Swim Dad shirt.

These 3 relationship angles are a killer place to start with any of your sales funnels.  They will help boost conversions and rock out with building an active audience… even though you’re selling stuff to them.

Hope they help.